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We Always Want You to Feel Welcome

LaPenna Agency is a family owned insurance agency serving families in the Western New York Community for 50 years. The agency was founded in 1968 by Madelyn LaPenna. Over the years Madelyn single handedly grew the agency by caring about clients and providing price competitive insurance quotes to families and single households in the region. Madelyn recalls “At that time, I was the only woman out there in the insurance world. I think what my customers really liked is that I cared about them and their families. I was a part of the community and their lives.”

In 2017, family members Rob and Mary Jo Cunningham joined the agency. They have been given the responsibility to carry on Madelyn’s legacy of in-depth industry knowledge, integrity, and top-notch personal service; combining it with the technical savviness that the world requires today. Mary Jo, says “I want people to call or come in to the agency with any questions they might have in regards to their insurance needs. We want them to feel welcome.” Rob, Mary Jo’s husband, adds “I want people to know that we are committed to helping them no matter what. If they have a question, we will try to help get them the answer they are looking for. ”

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